Campfires - our Firepits

One of the key ingredients of wild, or woodland camping for some people is to be able to have a campfire!  We totally understand that, but also don't want people digging up our grass for their own firepits!

Our solution is a number of up-cycled firepits.  These are made from a washing machine drum and a steel car wheel, with three tabs welded to it.  The steel wheel on the bottom of the firepit makes them super-stable and keeps them off the ground.


We have cut up logs in the mature woodland behind the main site, ready for you to collect, so if you have rented a firepit you just need to round up a few logs and test your fire-making skills and you're set for a fantastic and safe campfire for the evening!  People have already been enjoying them.



and they're great for toasting marshmallows over


All we ask is that you use our firepits rather than having fires on the ground.

For guidance on campfires, have a look at: http://campfiresburning.org/fire.php


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