Have you tried hammocking? We’ve had people coming to stay on our campsite for several years with their hammocks. We thought we would try out sleeping in a hammock for a night and it’s amazing. We are hammocking converts! The hammock supports you head to toe. There’s no worrying about uneven ground, like you might in a tent, because you’re up in the air.


Because we are a campsite with a lot of trees it’s easy to set up your own hammock, if you would like to camp with us. We are always keen to welcome hammockers to our site – just book in with us like you would, if you were coming with a tent, but let us know you will be hammocking and we will put you in the best location for hammocking.


But maybe you want to try hammocking for the first time? It’s OK – we’ve got that for you. We found the best possible hammocks for you to sleep in – Hennessy Hammocks – and got some, so you can try out hammocking with us.

We can get you set up and ready to try a night in a hammock very quickly. Get in contact and we can get you strung up and ready to go very quickly.


Please enquire on the Contact Us page, or drop us a line on Facebook

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