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Our site is part of a small family farm, which has been diversified over the past decade, with many fields now planted with mixed deciduous trees.  The site supports a fantastic diverse range of ecosystems, from the immature woodland, with meadow around it, to copses with stands of poplars and ash, to climax woodland, where you can camp under towering oak trees.

The aim is to provide a camping experience that's 'back to basics': big plots and an environment that is a million miles away from the manicured lawns and tarmac of many campsites. We have on-site toilets and mains water.  You will also be able to hire a fire-pit, filled with wood, for the evening as well.

The site is also within a short walk of the Horse & Groom pub.  Yarmouth town is only two miles away, with a wide range of shops and pubs, as well as a cashpoint and Post Office.  There is also a village shop in Shalfleet, which is about a mile from the site. There is a bus stop directly outside the site with a regular service on the number 7 route from Southern Vectis.

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We have running water, composting toilets, solar showers and device charging facilities to keep your tech running during your stay.

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We have also been gathering up fallen wood, ready for you to rent a firepit for the evening, so you have a warm fire to sit around which is safe and won't spit, or set light to the ground.

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Among the species regularly spotted on the farm are hares, red squirrels, buzzards and partridge.  The hedgerows haven't changed since the Tythe maps of the 1840s.  What has changed in some of the fields is the crop: some of the fields are now given over to field-scale solar photo-voltaic, with a rich range of meadow species growing under it.


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