One for the truly adventurous! Stay with us in a beautiful, unique setting. Camp out in one of our amazing weatherproof hammocks for the night, under the dark skies of the West Wight.

Our team will rig the hammocks for you, in one of our secluded areas. We provide Hennessy Expedition hammocks for our guests to use. Their asymmetric design, integrated mosquito net and separate flysheet means they are exceptionally comfortable and you will stay dry in the worst weather.

Hammock rigged without flysheet, but with integrated mosquito net

Due to the design of the hammocks, we do need to limit people using them to around 1.9m tall and under 100kg. We can provide a maximum of two hammocks.

You must bring a good sleeping bag and all the other camping kit you would normally use, although we do provide roll mats to keep you warm underneath.

The Hire-a-Hammocks are £15 per person, per night. We will also provide one of our upcycled firepits. Additional wood is available to buy when you are in site.