We provide access to a wide range of specialist therapies through our Ningwood Nest provision

Sessions including eco-therapy, yoga and sound-bathing run in our ancient woodland throughout the year. These sessions take place with local specialists, who we partner with to ensure high-quality service.

The sessions normally take place on Saturday mornings, with different therapies occurring on different weeks each month. During inclement weather the sessions run in our Oak Dome, or in the outdoor classroom.

Check our Facebook group to find out what’s coming up: www.facebook.com/groups/NingwoodNEST/

We plan to run short 3 or 4 day retreats across the year where you can access some or all of these as part of your stay with us.

Brian, Lara & Alicia on site, during a multi-activity session

Follow the links to find out more about the experienced practitioners who use our site:

Tibetan Waves for sound-bathing

Sound Therapy and Sound Massage particularly with Tibetan Singing bowls can help to reduce stress or anxiety levels, improve low mood, lower blood pressure, reduce physical pain and discomfort and increase in your personal and spiritual wellbeing. In partnership with Brian at Tibetan Waves.

Brian from Tibetan Waves in Oak Dome
Brian during a bowl-ringing session in Camp Wight Oak Geodesic DOme

Move More PT with Alicia Burr

Yoga flow, energetic fluid movements to maintain a strong body and mind. Enabling you to find balance and maintain a healthy life. In partnership with Alicia Burr at Movemore PT.

Woodland yoga with Alicia Burr

Lara Raybone for self-love and embodiment coaching

Heart healing and embodiment coaching to rebalance your energy through opening, cleansing, supporting and strengthening your heart chakra through your body and reaching alignment. In partnership with Lara Raybone.

Steph Brittain for Nature Connection eco-therapy

Nature connection can be particularly beneficial for anyone experiencing anxiety, low mood, fatigue, stress, recovery from illness or bereavement.

Forever Wild at Heart for Tree Babies

Tree Babies is a class for parents and baby’s created by Blossom & Berry, delivered by Lizzie Boynton.

Single therapy sessions start from as little as £10 per person and sessions for retreats start from as little as £20 per person.

Our accommodation ranges from pitching your own tent (£15 per night for up to 4 people), booking one of our rent a tents (from £45 per night for groups of 4-6), hire a hammock (from £15 per night per person), glamping in a dome (from £65 per night for groups of 4-6).

For enquiries and expressions of interest, or if you would like to use our facilities to run your therapy, educational, or exercise session, please contact Gemma and Thomas via contact@campwight.co.uk